How To Make IoT Easy | Keep The World Of Things Simple

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The future is unfolding now, as smarter devices using machine learning and artificial

intelligence are being created every day and permeating every facets of our lives as they are increasingly becoming part of the mainstream electronics culture. Smart devices  are quickly being incorporated into smart homes faster than ever. It’s already been predicted that, by 2020, there will be over 20 billion smart devices connected. IoT devices are already a huge part of how we interact with our vehicles, homes, appliances, and beyond….

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Evidencing that IoT is taking off rapidly, Target operates a store in San Francisco that sells IoT devices exclusively. Likewise, there is big money in the IoT space currently, and it will only continue to grow as technology improves.


The collection of data by IoT devices will encourage the creation of even smarter ones. Municipal connected IoT devices, including smart traffic lights that utilize data to sync lights, are transforming cities into smart cities.  Other smart IoT devices are improving cities’ overall efficiency and saving municipal governments money as everything can be remotely managed. Smart homes are currently using smart thermostats, lighting systems and coffee makers that collect data on occupants’ habits and patterns of usage to facilitate machine learning toward enabling efficiency.


Keeping These Devices Secure

With all these IoT devices connected, end-to-end security can present a real challenge. The best answer, however, is to utilize a security solution that not only provides end-to-end security but also encrypts the message all the way through.

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Thus, devices with encryption keys that can decrypt the encrypted data, as it’s sent and received, are ideal. These devices also enable you to wrap the message body and leave all the actionable data in TLS. Whereas actionable data ought to be simple data like temperature information. Likewise, all inbound ports should remain closed at all costs to prevent your IoT devices from being open to vulnerabilities and DDOS attacks. Configuring devices for outward connections to only make outbound connections will keep the door closed and prevent applications access as well as access to services behind the open ports. The outward connection can be left open so the device can listen in with a secure tunnel back from the network.

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The Publish-Subscribe Paradigm is A Great Solution to Many IoT Issues



Using the Publish-Subscribe model with protocols like MQTT, Websockets, or Streaming HTTP to send data on a small scale, ensures connection security to be secure but only works on a small scale. Utilizing such model, the publisher is given a write token and the subscriber a read token, and each token can be revoked at any time and tokens can also have an expiry. In addition, tokens can be set to work with only certain datastream (in this case channel names) so you can have control over what goes in and out of your network.

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Keep It Simple | Make IoT Easy

Utilizing solutions like PubNub help keep globally  (large-scale )secure networks running as it also supports secure message delivery among devices. No need to setup your own servers no custom code(s) needed in order to communicate with your backend.

The key to a successful IoT project is to make provisioning incredibly fast and ensure that the entire user experience seamless.

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Finally, ensure that the system is language-agnostic and can support the whole application stack.


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