Challenges Women Leaders Face And How They Can Overcome Them | Women Must Emphasize Robust Leadership Styles

Challenges Women Leaders Face And How They Can Overcome Them | Women Must Emphasize Robust Leadership Styles

By Albert Gibosse | Blue Label Weekly Magazine | Website |

Though the world has evolved a great deal, women still lag in leadership posts in

government and business. Today, only 26 women are in CEO roles at Fortune 500 companies, making up 5.2% of the female population. The stats is actually similar for women CEOs of Fortune 1000 companies, which stands at 5.4%, showing that there is little movement of women making up these high-ranking positions as company leaders.

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Women are still faced with a range of challenges that many of their male CEO counterparts don’t have an understanding of and that are preventing many women from achieving their goal of becoming leaders and their ability to get ahead.


Being Treated Equally

Raising your hand as well as speaking up and being heard in meetings are extremely helpful and will catapult you by making you more visible. With equality in the workplace being one of the biggest challenges females currently face, women leaders must go for what they want in their careers and not  give up, and hone the essential skills, such as your communication skills, leadership development, and emotional intelligence, in order to secure those opportunities.

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Build Support and Alliances

Other than supporting and empowering each other, upholding their basic principles, morals, values and integrity, women also need to ally themselves with reliable male counterparts. More importantly, women must be

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humble, show togetherness, passion, excellence and enthusiasm toward laying the foundation for progress through their work.

We Need More Women Leaders Now | Reject The Archaic Perception

Moreover, women must build healthy relationships with advocates, create a strong personal brand, establish guidelines before each project, position themselves as experts in their field, and communicate with confidence.

One of the biggest challenges female face, however, is to firmly assert themselves toward facilitating lasting freedom and choices.


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 Teamwork Enables Effective Results | The Hallmark Of An Outstanding Team Is Camaraderie 


Being Confident

With confidence being one of the biggest challenges for females, women need to become comfortable in order to be successful.

 We Need More Women Leaders Now | Reject The Archaic [male-dominated] Perception

Speak Up and Be Assertive | Become a member of the C-Suite In the Workplace

Women must assert themselves and make their presence felt firmly as leaders, as fulfilling certain roles should not be simply to sit at the table. It should also mean speaking confidently, regardless of odds faced. Women leaders fear being ostracized or rejected; however, respect comes when one’s voice is heard. I coach leaders to share their voice and perspective because it can help shape policy, the workforce and perspective.



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Women must make bold and propitious moves in government as well as in the workplace. They must be willing to take more risks and prepare themselves to take on more challenging roles. Women must take the bull by the horns and go for what you want and be relentless in their pursuit(s). Equivocation will always be your worst enemy.


Re-Entering The Paid Workforce

Relaunching a career after a long hiatus can often be quite challenging as that also entails rebuilding confidence, constructing or reconstructing a robust network, dusting off old skills or developing new ones, and catching up on technology.

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Ask For What You Want and Embrace Your Accomplishment

It’s best to master your clone, get confident in your capacity, and gain respect. Stand confidently and speak on your accomplishments. Women tend to think that they must shrink themselves to seem non-intimidating. Instead, women must gain the confidence and understand that they earned their lawful rights to be in the room, like everyone else. That said, shrinking only delays women’s voice from being heard and taken seriously.

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Eradicating the Counter-productive Patterns

The biggest challenge females face is the inability to internalize their accomplishments. Adequately addressing that requires adjusting their locus of control by making accurate assessments of their performance, gathering actionable feedback from other leaders to confirm their strengths, and tackling the Counter-productive Patterns toward developing healthy leadership skills.

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Eliminating Perfectionism

Many of the women leaders let themselves paralyzed by their perfectionist tendencies. Countless approaches have worked well to help manage perfectionism. Dealing with this paralysis often involves taking shorter pause(s), such as taking a few deep breaths, short meditation, or longer activities like taking a walk.

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Using Authoritative Approaches ThroughTrusting Their Own Voice is Imperative

One recurring theme is consistent in conversations with women leaders: “Who am I to…?” is a virtually inaudible and consistent question that women often ask themselves. Thereby, women must understand that rising to their current title was not by accident. Thus, trusting and using their own voice is imperative.

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Reconciling Internal conflicts

Women share the challenge of reconciling an internal conflict between being perceived as a respected leader versus a bossy woman. Professional women can resolve this issue and own the respected leader role by shifting from judgmental to neutral words. This subtle transition positively influences the way a listener digests the message and perceives the speaker’s authority and leadership.

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Dealing With Negative Thoughts

Another big challenge that female face is overcome negative thoughts that spring up in their mind to take control of their life. Women need to take control of their thoughts and become consciously aware of them and to either replace them with more positive and encouraging thoughts or to accept them and decide to move forward despite them.


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We Need More Women Leaders Now | Reject The Archaic Perception

Published by: Albert Gibosse – Blue Label Weekly Magazine | WEBSITE |

As the problems we face today – from our local communities to the workplace, and the global stage – require diverse leaders who have a variety of skill sets, women leadership

will bring the additional skills needed, as well as a different perspective to drive effective solutions. Female leadership is revolutionizing the game by adding value to the way the world does business.

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Having more women in the workplace can lead to significantly higher productivity and efficiency

Although women make up 50% of the workforce, have higher education levels than men, are often the primary breadwinners in their families, ensuring progress entail removing the well-known obstacles to womens’ leadership, that include slow career advancement, fewer raises and promotions, and even more obstacles for women of color.

Securing Advancement Will Require a Shift in Perception

Whereas men think that the workplace is equitable and gender-diversified, women view integration and gender diversification in the Workplace as lacking improvement in that realm. Women also see a workforce that lacks fairness and offers less support. Women’s view, in that respect, is more precise, granted the lingering impediments to women’s advancement.

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Women must not only be better represented in leadership in companies, as only one in ten senior leaders is a woman, but they must also receive the support that they need in their day-to-day work as on the road to advancement. Although it’s been known that employees who receive more advice from managers are more likely to say they’ve been promoted in the last two years, women are less likely to receive advice from managers and senior leaders on how to advance. Likewise, employees who interact regularly with senior leaders are more likely to aspire to be top executives, women are less likely to.

Until we change the world to reach the 50/50 parity, where both genders value each contribution and shed the concept of living in a male-dominated culture, we will not unlock nor start benefiting from the full potential of women. Raising awareness of the true status of women in leadership, celebrating their accomplishments, recognizing that more women are needed in leadership, and working together will help women gain confidence and the skills they need to overcome barriers and reach their ultimate goals.



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